New Show of Photography: “Reciprocity - Depth and Light”. Opens Sept.18

A new show by multiple artists opens on September 18 at The Kerf.
Opening show is scheduled from 6 pm to 8 pm. Kerf International Gallery
is located on the main floor of the Wallingford Center, 1815  N. 45th
Street., Seattle, Washington, 98103.

The subject matter is open to the interpretation of the artist, and
promises to be stimulating and interesting. Director David Felker has
been receiving the new work and is excited by the nature of the
exploration in the work. He says “The idea was to push the bounds of
photography beyond the standard photograph into the idea of depth and
light - exploring the “why” behind the photo.

More more information, contact Anthony Huss.

Wonderful Show Opening: Reciprocity Sept. 18

Over 60 people were on hand for the show opening of Reciprocity - Depth
Of Light. An enjoyable evening was had by all. The attendees were on
hand to see new work by photographer artists: Sal Celis; Anthony Huss;
David Felker; Rob Legrand; Vanessa Palomino; Stephany Parrish; Paige
Selden; and Nancy Treder. The show has a large variety of work and
interpretations on theme.

The evening was highlighted by the vocal and musical performance of Dr.
Saraswati Sunindyo, originally from Jakarta, Java, Indonesia. Dr.
Sunindyo performed ballads from her native Indonesia. It was a beautiful
and mesmerizing performance. Many thanks to Saraswati for making this
show a truly unique and beautiful experience.

The show will run approximately six weeks. Not to be missed is the 13 ft
x 9 ft photograph on canvas by Nancy Treader, seen in the photos behind
Dr. Sunindyo. The gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday 10 am to 6
pm., and noon to 4 pm Sundays, or by appointment.

The Kerf Reopens: August 2015

We are back! A space opened in The Wallingford Center and we were
invited to reopen Kerf International Exhibits. The inaugural opening is
Saturday, August 15. We will be open all day, with musical performances
at 1:00 PM and 6:00 PM. Artists will be there to meet guests from 6:00
to 8:00 PM. Please come and help us celebrate our return of this unique
gallery. More details to come.

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