New Exhibition Opens Aug. 1

An installation exhibition opens next Wednesday, August 1, 2012 at the
Kerf. The gallery is proud to display the work of William Thurston
Watertight in a show entitled “Horizon Of Infinity”.

Mr. Watertight is an internationally exhibited artist. This is his first
showing in the Pacific Northwest. Join us at Kerf International
Exhibits next Wednesday from 6 pm to 8 pm for appetizers and beverages
as part of the Wallingford Art Walk.

Kerf International Exhibits is located in the southeast corner of the historic Wallingford Center, at 1815 N. 45th in Seattle.

“Horizon Line Of Infinity” Opening

Last Wednesday, Kerf International Exhibits presented an opening for
“Horizon Line Of Infinity”, a installation piece by Willard Thurston
Watertight. The opening was planned around the Wallingford district Art
Walk, which takes place on the first Wednesday of alternating months.

A good crowd was on hand to witness the opening, supported by friends of
the gallery, as well as those taking place in the Art Walk. For many,
it may have been the first time to actually view art as a one-piece
installation. It was interesting to view the conversations taking place.

Also on hand to add to this nice evening, were the singing duo of Sound +
Noise, who played their own original music and some covers. Sound +
Noise consists of Nathalie and Autumn. Their music can be heard on the
internet here.

The exhibition will be in place through at least the end of July.

Back To The Beat opening night a success.

An enjoyable time was had by those in attendance of our opening night of
Back to the Beat. Christine read a poem that inspires her to start her
day. Laura read two of her original poems on life experience. Carol read
several poems on life and the human experience. Dave shared the history
of the gallery and on his art creations of Spirit Generators. Patricia
spoke on Navajo sand paintings and their meaning.

We will be back again next week. New contributors have already stated
their intention to read and share. We welcome all to this unique

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